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why not indeed! it seems to me like any article i read these days (especially online) always involves a list of some kind: 5 ways to do this, 7 reasons to do that, etc etc. ordered lists are generally very appealing to me (order = calm), but, at the moment, i feel a bit 'listed out'. to be completely honest, i find lists to be a great tool for procrastination: rather than actually doing what i am meant to be doing, i start pouring over the pros and cons, the whys... plus seriousness can take the fun out of anything. so today's answer to why do yoga is simply: why not. no excuses, no reasons to think about and analyse, just getting down to it because why not.

how about you? do you think about your own motivation to practice, or do you just do it? btw, love the seal :)


  1. hi adela ... nice picture and serious thoughts ... but: don't feel "listed out" ... a few days later i had caught a little cold and while listening to your PLAYLIST it even gets better and better ... i think, you should know that ;) ... just do it, biggi ♥

    1. thank you so much biggi! glad to know you've enjoyed the playlist and i hope you are feeling better now :)

  2. ... ooops ... should be "a few days ago" ;)