i have been feeling a little bit all over the place lately. i am not referring to my physical location here but to the going-ons inside my head... i can barely remember the last time i managed to do my morning meditation without the pesky to-do lists taking centre stage. today was no different.

the mind chatter continued through the whole of my morning yoga session... well, it finally dawned on me that i have clearly lost sight of the big picture and perhaps need to brush up on the basics. why am i doing all this in the first place? reluctantly, i dragged myself off the mat, picked up the book again and scheduled in some quiet time for reflection.

i am finding this nicely succinct sutra very reassuring: my mind needs to calm down and yoga is the tool for it, no doubt. the trouble is that whatever i am doing at the moment is not quite delivering the results.

have i fallen into a rut? do i need to rethink and refresh my practice? or maybe i am going through a little rough patch and just need to keep working through it patiently? or maybe i am overdoing the variety and need to simplify? or maybe i am just overthinking?!!

honestly, i don't know, but i'll keep working on it :)


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