thom yorke // photo: richard burnbridge // dazed & confused

There are as many reasons to practice yoga as there are people who do... and all are valid.

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  1. I've been doing yoga every day for almost a month now and plan to do it every day for a year. I decided to do this as an attempt to be less lazy. Blogging about it at www.cultivatinghabits.wordpress.com helps to keep me motivated and hold me accountable to this promise.

    So far, for me, at the end of this first month, the benefits have not been earth shattering. Mind you, I'm not doing an hour a day, like our Thom here. But even with the little that I do each day, I now find myself thinking about yoga throughout the day. But more than that, I’m starting to bring yoga into my day. I'm conscious of breath on my commute into work. I notice my posture as I sit at my desk. I feel my feet grounded to the floor when standing in line at the grocery store.